Why publish with Northern Lake Publishing?

Our publishing and marketing is focused on creating and supporting an author brand, not just one-off books that sit and gather dust on the digital shelves. This is not to say we publish books only in series form, simply that we endeavor to connect authors and readers in measurable and ongoing ways

In addition, we offer a 50% of net receipts royalty.

What if my book is already on the market?

We will consider published material–assuming the author retains all rights or has had the rights reverted–if we believe there is something we could add to the existing product, either in terms of packaging or marketing.

What is the royalty rate?

We offer a 50% of net receipts royalty. Half of what we get from retailers, we send to you.

Will my book be edited?

Yes, every accepted manuscript will go through an editing process.

Do I need an agent?

No, you do not.

Will you publish a print version of my book?

No, the author retains all print rights.